07 October 2014

Soft Case Mod For T6S

It's been a while since I had posted on the T6S. Not that I had any problems with it but I was busy with work for the past  week.

Last Sunday, while I was in town, I went to a local phone accessories shop and pick up a soft case for the T6S. Well,  the case was meant for the Sony Xperia Z1 but it does loosely fit the T6S.
Below are the pictures of what I did in about 5 minutes. With proper planning, you could come up with a better looking ones.

The case for Sony Xperia Z1 will loosely fit the T6S

The opening for the volume buttons

I didn't sliced open the opening for both the audio jack and
USB port thus creating kind of concealed hole 

The opening for the power button

I drew a reference line for the camera hole

The outline of the camera hole. You could do better with proper planning

Finished project. Good enough for me

26 September 2014

It's finally arrived

After being stuck in Custom for a week or so,  the white T6S was delivered to my house this afternoon. I haven't root it yet since I'm thinking of making a video of the whole process.

Do you think it's necessary to have a video of the process? Let me know. I'll do it if there is enough request.

Update : My mother in law had snatched the phone so.. the video will most probably feature the black T6S.

My 4 years old son peeking at the white T6S

24 September 2014

Approval Permit for the THL T6S

This evening, I had obtained the approval needed for my T6S which is currently being held by the Malaysian Custom.  Below is the e-permit which I received from the SIRIM officer via email.

The e-permit for the T6S
So, I can now expect the T6S to arrive at my doorsteps tomorrow or the day after that.

20 September 2014

CyanogenMod 11 for Xiomi 1S

I had replaced the ROM for the Xiomi 1S from the official MIUI flavoured Android Jelly Bean 4.3 based to the CynogenMod 11 (Android Kit Kat 4.4.4). I actually had flashed the Mokee ROM (another custom rom - based on the CynogenMod 11) but later decided to use the pure CM ROM.

So far, the ROM is preety stable and the 1S is performing well. One thing that I need to highlight is that if I changed the CM11's runtime from Dalvik to ART, the 1S does not receive any carrier /operator signal nor any wifi signal. Maybe it's just me but some users on the 1S MIUI forum reported that they are able to run CM11 with ART.

Below are some screen capture of the ROM.

Home Screen - CM 11 Default Launcher
Free RAM - around 300MB
About 18K - score in Antutu Benchmark

18 September 2014


I had registered myself at the myphone.gr forum a few week or so ago and guess what? I'm now banned form the forum for using bots. What bots?

As you can see above, the banned period is almost a lifetime so..

What am I doing peeking at the forum? Well, to read the comments and help where ever I can.

Thanks for banning me.

Problem with stock THL T6S ROM

I had read many users at the various forum such as the 4pda.ru, myphone.gr, androidforum.cz and htcmania.com complain about the T6S's stock rom being unstable and unable to sync with Google servers. From my previous experience, I found this is not the fault of the stock rom in general.

Google's Play Store
The stock rom that came with my T6S was not having any of these problems. Well, a 4 yrs old doesn't complain much about his contacts or gmail account doesn't sync right?

Two possible cause to this problem.

1. The google server was busy at that particular moment. Give it some time to sync properly. I found that the play store tends to be the hog when you add a Google account to be sync. Also, check if the picasa account is also setup be be in sync. If you have a lot of photo residing in your picasaweb account, it will also cause problems in syncing your contacts and mails.

2. The gapps that was installed is not the best one. Downloading either this modular mini gapps (150MB) or this modular micro gapps (98MB) and flash it in the cwm or carliv recovery. Be sure to create a nandroid backup before anything. After you had flash the gapps, clear the cache and dalvik cache.

Hope this will helps.

13 September 2014

Stuck in customs - Part 2

I had inform Lazada about the T6S being stuck at customs. Below is the reply that I had received from them via email.

And below are the courier tracking activity.

It's good to know that Lazada or the company that is actually selling me the T6S is taking care about the problem for me. Now, all I have to do is wait for it to show up in the next few days.

Tempered glass from the Xiomi 1S
Oh.. and I had install a used tempered glass screen protector from the Xiomi 1S onto the T6S. Well, it'll do for the time being. Still searching for a suitable armour case for it as well.

*Miui Lite (MIUI 6) express launcher is used as the default launcher.