07 October 2014

Soft Case Mod For T6S

It's been a while since I had posted on the T6S. Not that I had any problems with it but I was busy with work for the past  week.

Last Sunday, while I was in town, I went to a local phone accessories shop and pick up a soft case for the T6S. Well,  the case was meant for the Sony Xperia Z1 but it does loosely fit the T6S.
Below are the pictures of what I did in about 5 minutes. With proper planning, you could come up with a better looking ones.

The case for Sony Xperia Z1 will loosely fit the T6S

The opening for the volume buttons

I didn't sliced open the opening for both the audio jack and
USB port thus creating kind of concealed hole 

The opening for the power button

I drew a reference line for the camera hole

The outline of the camera hole. You could do better with proper planning

Finished project. Good enough for me