30 December 2010

Desire and Dreams

Last night, I wanted so much to write about the Malaysian football team winning the Suzuki Cup. However, you can pick-up any newspaper in Malaysia today and read all about it. Or, you could visit news portal and re-live the glorious moments.

Talk to any coach or anybody who are involve in any form or training services, they will tell you that the one key element in success is desire or dreams.

From my observation, most of the young peoples around me does not have or lack of desire. Most of them have a dream but don't really willing to work towards achieving that goal.

I think, they are bought up in a different environment and are exposed to way too many options. Learning is a good example. With the Web available, how many are using it as a learning tool? My guest is 1%. And the other 99%? Most probably they are busy with their Facebook games or watching video clips on YouTube.

Think for a while, most parents proudly announce to their relative or neighbors that their home are now connected to the net. Why? So that they (the parents) themselves can harvest their crops on FarmVille. Am I right?

I'm not saying that Facebook is evil. Heck, you can see me connected to it almost 5 or 6 hours per day. I'm just saying that without proper guidance and a few whack of the cane, the young generation will grow without any desire or dreams. All their wishes are granted without any real effort.

Parents, especially, hold that thought of buying the PS3 or IPhone 4. Let you kids dream about it. Award them with it when they show enough desire and work hard on it.

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