29 December 2010

Eve of the Suzuki Cup Final

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Even my eldest and second son is excited and can't wait for it. Like me, our attention are mostly towards BPL (England's Barclay's Premier League) or the SPL (Spanish Primera Liga).

In these kind of match, it's just the question of who'll blink first. In the first leg held last Sunday's match, the Indonesian team, especially the defenders blink first. And the can't stop blinking afterwards.

Yes, blame it on the lasers. It is, in fact, contribute to their failure. Any team, without the correct state of mind, will blink in those situation.

Me? I hang my boots 2 years ago after a nasty injury on my right standing leg. I was out for more than a month because of it. But I still kept the boots in the trunk of my car. Just in case..

The Malaysian team will receive a hostile reception on their way out of the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, no matter whats the result may be. Lets hope that nothing bad will happen..

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