29 December 2012

Getting the best out of you Android Device

Im currently easing down a level or two on my photography adventures. Its not because the lack of interest but the fact that Im a bit short of funding (to buy the new Canon 6D.. :P!

The Samsung Galaxy W and TSM U4 Merbau

I currently own two Android smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy W and also a china rebranded TSM U4 Merbau (what a creative selection of naming your device TSM). The W is currently running the SlimBean ROM, which had bring a welcomed improvement both in the interface and performance wise. The U4 on the other hand, is running ICS 4.0.3, not that I'm not interested to flash a custom ROM into it but the face that there is no custom ROM for it.. 

With that in mind, Im not going to tweak the W. Instead, I would like to squeeze out whatever juice that the U4 have to offer.

If you are interested to perform the same tweaking and benchmarking on your device, you need these

* Dont hold me responsible if you bricked your device while doing any of these. Do it on your own free will. Im assuming that you have the basic knowledge of changing the settings and have a logic state of mind.

SuperSU and Superuser standard app icon

1. A rooted android device. Required.
Yes, you need to root your device first. To some (even the person who sell me the TSM U4, rooted means upgrading the stock android ROM to a newer version. I tried my best not to laugh at him and just give him a big smile instead). How do you know if your device is rooted? Simple, look at your apps list. Do you see an app named Superuser or SuperSU? No, then your device is not rooted yet. Go and ask uncle Google on how to root your device ( type "root galaxy w" for an example).

BusyBox, Antutu, Pimy My Rom and RebootMenu

 2. Busybox installed and given root permission. Required.
After you had install the app, make sure run run it and give it the root permission. I used to installed it and thought that it will automatically get the root permission..

3. Antutu benchmark. Does not need root permission. Required.
 The standard testing application used to benchmark various electronic devices. Im not going to argue if its the best or the most accurate. We just need a reliable app to test our device. Im only testing the CPU, RAM and Database IO performance.

4Pimp My Rom. installed and given root permission. Required.
 The application used to change all the settings of the android device shown here. You may choose other similar apps.

5. RebootMenu and given root permission. Not required.
 Simplify the rebooting process of our device.

6. A good 2 to 3 hours of spare time. Required.

So, are you ready? Go ahead and benchmark your device. Below are the summary of settings used/changes and it's result. You may change the various options available in the Pimp My Rom apps and decide the best settings to be used on your android device.

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