21 January 2013

I'm digitized!

The title would raised a few questions.. known as an IT guy among people who are close to me, one would ask "Are'nt you digital enough? You have a lot of electronic gadgets and you are using a digital camera (they are referring to the DSLR).. what more is there to be digitized?"

Well, I thought there's nothing more to be digitized around me, until Friday, 11th January 2013. I had converted from analogue (the traditional with 4000+ harmful chemicals or so, on top of smelly smoke etc) to digital cigarette @ e-cigerette @ e-cig ( 4 ingredients, oil based liquid turn into vapor via heating process).

My eGo-T with DCT Tank

To boast that I had completely nicotine free is an overstatement since the liquid used by the e-cig does contain nicotine. Well, at least now, my wife and the people I bumped into daily does not complain on the smoke and the nasty smell.

E-cig, to me, is a very good tool/method you can use to free yourself completely from not only cigarette but also from nicotine, excluding the ones you got from coffee or tea.I had used patches and chewing gum but to no success. Not to mention, they (patches and chewing gum) are expensive too..

So, if you are an analogue smoker and you would like to quit smoking, give it a try.

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