22 August 2014

Unboxing and Initial review of the THL T6S

I was looking for a budget phone for my 4 years old son. Yes, for a 4 years old kid who still cant talk straight. Some might say that Im spoiling him but, thats for another discussion.

I logged in to a local merchant's website, here in Malaysia, last Saturday (16 Aug 2014) and was expecting to spend around RM400 ($126) at least for a phone of around 4.5"-5" screen, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage.

To my surprise, a phone which suite my required needs was advertised for almost half of my budget - the THL T6S. A quick search on the google didnt return much informative review, just the specifications and images. To cut the story short, I went ahead and ordered the phone.

This morning, I received a call from the courier delivery guy asking if I would be in the office at around 11am to receive a package. I smiled. In fact, I grinned.

The phone came in a properly packed bag.

The phone's box was encapsulated in a bubbled wrapped plastic. I'd give 10/10 on shipping efford.

The back of the box - the phone's main specification was printed.

The box''s content. 1 x phone without battery. 2 x 1900mAh battery (slim, like 4mm's slim). 1 x charging plug (with a mere 0.5A output). 1 x USB cable. 1 x screen protector. 1 x earphone cum handsfree device. 1 x plastic transparent hard back case. Not bad, especially for including the extra battery and the case.

The dual sim slot (stacked, to be inserted horizontally with sim 1 using the micro sim size and sim 2 using the normal sim size. I would prefer a separate slot for both sims but again, this is an ultra budget phone.

Without any further ado, I slap the battery in and turn the phone on. The power button is on the right hand side and .. clickable. So are the volume up/down buttons which was located on the left hand side. I like this configuration than putting the power button on the top or on the same side as the volume buttons.

The boot image was nothing more than glowing THL logo and some simple logo dissolving animation(I didnt pay much attention to the boot process, which didnt take too long).

The default launcher is the Launcher3. I noticed that icons are themed. Also included was a few chinese pre-installed apps such as the Baidu Browser, App Market and DU Speed Booster. I would say that the screen is beyond expectation. The contrast and saturation are on par with my Galaxy S3. Even my colleagues are impressed with the quality of the screen.

So, being a MIUI fan, I went ahead and installed the Mi Launcher, just to have a taste of it. God, I love the screen.

Well, thats all I can share with you right now. If you are curious about the gaming capabilities, I'd say that Minion Rush is playable and Samurai Rush II ran smoothly. Connectivity wise, both wifi and bluetooth are working fine.

I'll do a benchmark tonight and post it tomorrow. Till then.

*UPDATE : Rooting guide here

Both Sim card slot are working properly.


  1. hello.what about the battery ? How long lasting with heavy use (wifi-internet) ? thank you

    1. can you answer me please ? thank you . :)

  2. Em.. will get back to you on that..

  3. What about the two sim?Do they work properly?Signal at both?3g works in both slots?
    Thank you for your review.

    1. Both are working properly. 3G on sim 1, 2G on sim 2.

  4. You say you love the screen, but the screen resolution is a bit lower. Do you find this to be an issue in any way? Any further comments on the screen or battery life?


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