31 August 2014

Porting MIUI Rom

Im a bit disappointed with the quality of the custom roms available for my son's Lenovo A766.
They are either very laggy or unstable enough to be a daily driver. As a result, he was stuck with the stock rom, which are not very responsive.

I had read numerous articles on porting miui roms. To be frank, i wasn't sure that I can accept the idea of bricking a phone. But enough is enough, I need to brave myself and take the first step forward.

I went ahead and downloaded a miui rom for the Lenovo S820. Why that one? a. Its the same manufacturer so, there must be some kind of similiarity. b. They're both have almost the same hardware specificatios, especually the chipset used.

After about 15 minutes if getting the stock rom dump and another 30 minutes or so copying file between the base and stock files, I flashed the new rom onto the phone.

After a long 5 or so minutes at the boot screen, I was greeted with the familiar welcome screen of miui V5. What a relief.
The default home screen & wallpape

With everything working good (signal detection, Wi-Fi, screen size and touch feedback), I decided that I should stop thinkering too much with the rom. There are still some minor ignorable glitches, but overall its far better than the other custom roms available out there for the A766.

About phone information. Need to edit the build.prop

Download link on Mega. This is a trial rom for me, so dont expect miracles. Flash it on your own risks. Normal procedures, wipe data, cache, system & dalvik. Flash rom, gapps for 4.2, UPDATE-SuperSU-vX.XX.zip and reboot.

Next, porting miui for the THL T6S.. maybe..

Graphic rendering glitch. But, I'll use it as it is.