27 August 2014

A New MIUI Experience.

Im an avid MIUI fan.. I had my first MIUI experience back in 2012 when I was using the TSM Merbau U4 (a china phone). It was the first custom rom that I tried to flash to replace the stock rom for an android device. Heck, I even compiled my first cwm on that TSM U4.

Fast forward a few (quite a handful actually) android based smartphone later and now I own an actual Xiomi device running the official MIUI - the Xiomi/Redmi Note, an 8 cores beauty.

I just own the device for a few hours and I already spflashing and stuff. God I love tinkering with roms. Learn quite a few tricks today.

I leave you with an image of the Redmi Note captured earlier today.

One more thing, Im trying to port the MIUI to the THL T6S. From what I learned from the MIUI porting team, since the T6S comes with KitKat, I need to find similiar devices which already has a MIUI ported (KitKat or not).

Good night.

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