03 September 2014

MIUI for the THL T6S

I have a MIUI rom baking in the oven for the T6S. Its 90% completed. Lets just hope that everything will turn out alright.

Photoshopped.. :P
Don't put too much hope on this build as there are a few required files missing from the T6S source that I/we have. I borrowed those missing files from somewhere and kind of cheat on a file.

Cross your fingers guys. I will update the result in around 5 or 6 hours due to work commitment.


Well, not everything will work out the way we wanted. The whole installation was fine but it just stuck at a garbage looking screen.

Anyway, I had learned a 2 important things.

1. The wiping of data on the T6S is about 5 whole minutes.

2. The Carliv recovery works. It can create and restore backup succesfully. With that in mind, I will try again.

The loading/boot image of miui (in a non successful port)
Update : I had tried 5 different ports and none works. Until a kitkat MIUI is released on a similiar device, a port is impossible. Until then, download and install MIUI express launcher for a taste of MIUI on this device.. 


  1. Replies
    1. Im a bit worried to flash the rom later.Because im not sure that the Carliv recovery will be able to restore the nandroid backup if anything go wrong..

      Im not looking forward to discover how to restore the original rom via spflash..

    2. In my opinion the first thing to figure out would be how to restore your phone if it goes dead :) Having working recovery is great, but a few days ago I had my Huawei Y300 gone Blue Screen of Death mode, no booting, no recovery, no fastboot, only blue screen, just for editing some inti.d script... Thankfully Huawei has so called download mode, just needed to drop stock image to sd card and boot it into download mode...

      Long story short, what are the chances that after flashing even Carliv wont boot for you?

      P.S. I have very little experience in rom customization, flashed a lot of them, but never tinkered with inside, so sorry if this sounds dumb :)

    3. Hmm, I think I know the answer myself, the SP Flash Tools needs phone in fastboot mode, doesn't care about roms, recoveries and even usb debuging checkbox meens nothing, only valid scatter file is required, and flashing just a custom rom shouldn't mess up the partition table...

  2. Replies
    1. until a kitkat miui is released on a similiar device, a port is impossible. Until then, download and install MIUI express launcher for a taste of MIUI on this device.

  3. Can you port cyanogenmod from Micromax A1? Kitkat with same specs...