11 September 2014

Optimizing MIUI

Now I own a few phones with different specification and rom running on each one. The Lenovo A766, Xiomi Note and Xiomi 1S are running different version of MIUI, a highly customized Android.

Since 50% of my blog readers are from chinaphonearena, the chances of you, the readers are already or had or considering of flashing MIUI are very high. So, Im going to share one simple and fast method of improving the MIUI,which are known to be a little bit laggy (even with a quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM).

Disclaimer - As usual, you are responsible if anything bad happened to your phone. I had tested this methods on all the three models stated above with success.

What you need

1. A rooted smartphone running a MIUI rom (in my case, the 1S, with JHCMIBF37 firmware).
2. Any backup software capable of freezing apps (especially system apps) such as the Titanium Backup Pro (TB). I would recommend you to freeze the apps first before deleting them. If your phone behave normally (and with better performance), go ahead and delete the apps, if necessary.

I was inform that the App Freeze can also get the job done for free but untested by me.


Lets freeze so apps!

  1. Reboot into your custom recovery (CWM or Carliv or TWRP) and do a nandroid backup. Safety first. You can fall back on this backup if anything goes wrong.
  2. Boot into MIUI and launch the TB app.
  3. If you are connected to the Xiomi Cloud service, go ahead and log out of the Xiomi account.
  4. Search for "Mi Cloud Framework" and press on it. A popup menu will be displayed with various options. Select the Freeze option.
  5. Repeat the freezing process for "Sync with Mi Cloud" and "Xiomi Assistant".
  6. Reboot your phone.

Find and freeze those apps
Optional apps to be frozen

  1. All the live wallpapers & live wallpaper picker (if you dont use them).
  2. Home screen tips.
  3. System (MIUI) launcher - make sure you have other launcher such as the Nova/Apex Launcher installed and set the them as the default launcher first!
  4. Other apps that you dont really use (such as Google Play Movie, in my case, at least)
Before freezing the apps - 17+++ mark
Good luck!


  1. Hello friend, what about the MIUI for the T6S?

  2. I had tried 4 different ports so far but still no joy.

  3. Whats the point of using MIUI rom and changing launcher to Apex or Nova, why not a simple AOSP rom then? Is it because of limited custom ROMs availability for most Chinese phones?

    1. Cigaras, different people have different needs. I dont know.

      Yes, I prefer AOSP myself, like the one in the T6S but with the Xiomi phones, I dont have AOSP for them.