18 September 2014

Problem with stock THL T6S ROM

I had read many users at the various forum such as the 4pda.ru, myphone.gr, androidforum.cz and htcmania.com complain about the T6S's stock rom being unstable and unable to sync with Google servers. From my previous experience, I found this is not the fault of the stock rom in general.

Google's Play Store
The stock rom that came with my T6S was not having any of these problems. Well, a 4 yrs old doesn't complain much about his contacts or gmail account doesn't sync right?

Two possible cause to this problem.

1. The google server was busy at that particular moment. Give it some time to sync properly. I found that the play store tends to be the hog when you add a Google account to be sync. Also, check if the picasa account is also setup be be in sync. If you have a lot of photo residing in your picasaweb account, it will also cause problems in syncing your contacts and mails.

2. The gapps that was installed is not the best one. Downloading either this modular mini gapps (150MB) or this modular micro gapps (98MB) and flash it in the cwm or carliv recovery. Be sure to create a nandroid backup before anything. After you had flash the gapps, clear the cache and dalvik cache.

Hope this will helps.