13 September 2014

Stuck in customs - Part 2

I had inform Lazada about the T6S being stuck at customs. Below is the reply that I had received from them via email.

And below are the courier tracking activity.

It's good to know that Lazada or the company that is actually selling me the T6S is taking care about the problem for me. Now, all I have to do is wait for it to show up in the next few days.

Tempered glass from the Xiomi 1S
Oh.. and I had install a used tempered glass screen protector from the Xiomi 1S onto the T6S. Well, it'll do for the time being. Still searching for a suitable armour case for it as well.

*Miui Lite (MIUI 6) express launcher is used as the default launcher.


  1. This thl t6s on screenshot is with some custom ROM installed? It looks good, if is it some custom ROM, can you get me link to download it? I was looking for some custom ROMs on google but i cant found anything and i'm afraid to use some custom ROM from any else device. Thx for answer

    1. Not custom rom. I had install the Miui lite express launcher (link above) and use it as the default launcher.

  2. Ada tempered glass yg ssuai untuk this phone?